Abdominal binders are very important in the recovery process after abdominal or plastic surgery. They will give the patient more comfort in case of mobilization. The binder will support the pulmonary function, and he acts also locally (on the operation site) by minimizing the swelling and bruising. Furthermore the abdominal band will support tissue repairing. Last but not least, it will be very important that the patient has a beneficial experience in terms of transpiration relief or general binder comfort. An uncomfortable binder can be a reason to wareit insufficiently. For that reason the abdominal binder needs to meet to all the necessary qualities needed for an optimal rehabilitation. The PCM products were profoundly evaluated by a team of paramedical and medical experts to obtain the best options.

Clinical applications :

• Plastic and reconstructive surgery

• Abdominal and Bariatric surgery
Hernia repair
All open abdominal surgery

• Gynaecology
Caesarean section
Abdominal hysterectomy

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