About Us

PharmaCosMedics NV is a multi-specialty medical care company focused on discovering and distributing innovative pharmaceuticals, dermatocosmetics and medical devices.

The Company engagement and its team make their mission to listen closely to the costumers needs. A severe selection of the discovered products enables us to follow their costumers in the most specialised medical areas where our expertise is most needed.

Our Company bring scientific knowledge and rigor to deliver leading products that improve patient outcomes. An education and information program, with the highest level of integrity, will help the phycisian and end-user to fully understand their used products and devices.

PharmaCosMedics NV is only successful when their costumers place their trust in our products.

We are pleased to offer a number of leading products, Dermatological lasers of ALLBEAM, LASEROPTEK, LED Therapy, Dermal Fillers, Pressure Garnements MAINAT, Abdominal belts PCM Comfort, SUTURE MATERIAL SMI and others. 

Please enjoy the Website to find more information about all these products.