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What is Sonophoresis ?

Sonophoresis is a process that exponentially increases the absorption of semisolid topical compounds (transdermal delivery) into the skin and skin appendages. Sonophoresis occurs because ultrasound waves stimulate micro-vibrations within the skin epidermis and increase the overall kinetic energy of molecules making up topical agents. It is widely used in hospitals to deliver drugs through the skin. 

The use of Sonophoresis in skin treatment therapy is to provide enhanced permeability of the skin. 
This “permeabilisation” of the skin allows a far higher absorption of the active ingredients the therapist is attempting to infuse. The result will be both a more economical use of the therapeutic agents applied, and a greater response to the agent due to better penetration.


- Stimulation of collagen and elastin fibers

- Reduction of pigmental changes

- Elimination of comedomes

- Fading out acne scars

- Lymphatic drainage


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