IMCAS 2013

This year, we intend to bring the same teaching challenge and enjoyable events, adding to this program a personal and proactive touch, in order to celebrate IMCAS 15th Annual Meeting.
Though for the past 15 years, we built our own luck and success through hard work and achievement, we’re also aware that this progress is a tribute to our guests.

That's why although celebrating its own birthday, IMCAS would like to be the one giving presents.

For its 15th Annual Meeting, IMCAS will indeed build a partnership with a non-profit-making organization and will donate a percentage of each of the conference’s registration fees.
With this commitment in mind, IMCAS 15th edition will be at the forefront of promoting the often forgotten reconstructive aspect of aesthetic procedures. Several actions will be undertaken throughout the conference and within the program itself to make an impact in our community.

Skin, nose, face, breast, body, as usual, you can count on a very rich and diversified program in which everyone will find something to learn and carry on back to its practice.
IMCAS 15th Annual Meeting will be a chance to remind the world that any plastic surgeon or dermatologist is foremost a doctor, always reaching for making its patients better.

Happy birthday to IMCAS, and a special thanks to its participants for making this congress each year a greater one. Welcome to Paris!